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Sabtu, 09 April 2016



"The initial incident happened on Tuesday the 5th of April, 2016. Mr Kapolres YUSTANTO, with his staff of police members approached STEVEN ITLAY (Leader of the KNPB Timika) while Steven was standing on the podium.

The Chief of police (Yustanto) was acting arrogant and looking at Steven Itlay with an angry face, calling to him to come down immediately from the stage. After that, the Chief of Police (YUSTANTO) gave orders to his staff (PROVOS) to push Steven Itlay down. Steven Itlay fell off the podium and Indonesian Police (BRIMOB) grabbed Steven Itlay's shirt, held him up and then dropped him down from the stage. Steven Itlay fell. This happened in front of a thousand people. People could not accept the brutality and arrogant behaviour of the Indonesian Police and how they were treating Steven Itlay and innocent civilians with intimidation and beating them up. Because of this behaviour by the police (PROVOS) the West Papuan people had to take action to protect themselves and punched the Chief of the Indonesian Police, Timika Region (CHIEF YUSTANTO) in the head.

The KNPB wish to make clear that the action of punching Chief YUSTANTO in the head was done by people in the crowd, not by one of our KNPB members.
We want to clarify the claims made by the Indonesian Media and statements by the Indonesian Police, who are blaming the KNPB members and saying that we started this incident by punching the Police Chief YUSTANTO are not true.

We want to clarify that the INDONESIAN POLICE, Brimob, Military, Provos and including Detachment 88 terrorist unit, trained by Australia who are starting to beat up the mass protests, KNPB members and innocent civilians, that our people cannot accept this brutality and that we must defend ourselves over the inhuman actions of the Indonesian Police and Military.
Not only did that happen, but the Indonesian Military and Police also damaged and destroyed all the Melanesian flags we West Papuan people displayed to symbolise and show thanks to the people of Melanesia who stand up for West Papua, such as PNG, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and including the flag of the KNPB.

Another tragic situation happened to a 20 year old KNPB member called (ISHMAEL TIMPE). He was wearing his KNPB uniform and the Indonesian Military yelled at him and intimidated him to strip off his clothes until he was naked in front of everyone. Ishmael told them he cannot be naked and then the Indonesian Military beat him, tortured him and forced him to strip naked while women, children and the crowd watched.

This is the behaviour of the Indonesian Military and Police. They treat us West Papuan people as sub human and like we are animals.
Other victims were beaten by the rifle bottoms of the Indonesian Police and Military. They also took bibles being held by West Papuan people there and damaged and tore them up in front of women, children and men who were there for a prayer meeting to support MSG welcoming West Papua to be full members. They were torn by the TNI.
The Indonesian Police, TNI, Provos, Detachment 88 and BRIMOB also stole peoples mobile phones and have not given them back.

Finally, we condemn the Indonesian Mass Media who are lying and are not telling the truth about the Indonesian Police at that gathering and their brutality and intimidation of the West Papuan people, but are blaming and accusing the KNPB members of hitting Indonesian Police Chief (YUSTANTO)
This is not true. This is lies because the Indonesian Colonial Media is always on Indonesia's side.
The truth is, a civilian hit the police chief because he started the violence while we were gathered for a prayer meeting enclosed in our church. It was not in an Indonesian building, or on a public street."

By : https://www.facebook.com/FreeWestPapuaCampaignAustralia

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